Empowering Your Practice with Streamlined Patient and Office Communication

Empower your practice with Axe Software's comprehensive suite of streamlined patient and office communication solutions. Enhance productivity, boost patient satisfaction, and foster seamless collaboration within your practice. Experience the transformative power of efficient communication.

Streamlined Patient Engagement

Enhance Patient Communication with Patient Chat. Empower your practice with tools for personalized care and direct patient connection.

Seamless Office Communication

Streamline Inter-Practice Communication with Practice Chat. Connect, collaborate, and coordinate patient care effortlessly.

Harness the Power of AI

Optimize Practice Efficiency with AI Integration. Harness the power of AI to streamline your office operations and enhance patient care.

Streamline and enhance patient communication with Patient Chat

Direct patient communication: texts, emails, and campaigns

Stay connected with your patients like never before. Patient Chat enables you to send direct text messages and emails, ensuring efficient and direct communication. Engage patients with personalized campaigns and keep them informed effortlessly.

Automated reminders and reviews management

Streamline your practice's workflow with automated reminders and simplify reviews management. Patient Chat takes care of appointment reminders, saving your staff valuable time. Effortlessly manage and respond to patient reviews, enhancing your practice's online reputation.

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Elevate inter-office communication with Practice Chat

Instant and seamless communication

Experience the power of real-time messaging with Practice Chat. Stay connected with your team members and enjoy instant communication that enhances collaboration and eliminates delays. Share updates, discuss important matters, and keep the workflow seamless for efficient operations.

Clinical bot and office bot for enhanced support

Unlock the potential of AI-powered assistance with Practice Chat's integrated Clinical Bot and Office Bot. Access valuable support and expert guidance on clinical procedures, office protocols, and more. Experience seamless collaboration and make informed decisions for optimized practice management.

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Practice Chat has streamlined our front desk operations and has allowed us to run our practice with one less front desk employee without skipping a beat

AmandaOffice Manager, Downtown Dental

Our products integrate with your software

Our products work with practice management software like Curve, Open Dental, Dentrix, Care Stack, and more. We're always adding new integrations to make your life easier. Let us handle the technical details so you can focus on providing top-notch care to your patients.

Ready to optimize your practice?

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Axe Software specializes in developing dental software that optimizes and streamlines dental practices.


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